Tips on How to Make Your Awnings Longlasting

Your home awning solution Auckland not only change the look and curb appeal of your home; they add much needed shade to sunny decks and eastern facing windows. But like everything that is exposed to the sun, wind, rain and snow your awning solution Auckland whether done by prime installers like the Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports or not will need regular maintenance to keep them in tip top shape. With awning season here again, the following tips will keep your awning solution Auckland looking new season after season. Regular maintenance generally means a once-a- year cleaning. You can protect your Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports awning solution Auckland and extend their life by taking a half hour a month for regular maintenance.

Here are a few tips for how to clean and maintain your awnings.

Frequently Remove Lose Dirt – Whether you have cloth or metal awning solution Auckland by installers like Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports, you should brush or blow off the loose dirt and give them a quick rinse off with the garden hose.

Keep your Awnings Retracted When Not in Use – The wind is one of the biggest dangers to your awnings so pay attention to rain storms that could produce hail as well. It is best practice to retract your awnings during stormy weather of all kinds. If you have wind sensors on your awnings, remember that they are not fool-proof and you should double-check that your awnings are safely secured away when the weather turns nasty.

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Apply a UV and Stain Protector – A sealant can keep your metal awning solution Auckland from Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports from fading or becoming stained. Make sure you clean the awnings before you coat them with a commercial sealant.  And make sure to use a sealant that is designed for outdoor use.

Annually, call a professional washing company to clean your awnings – Hire a professional to pressure wash your awning solution Auckland. Although a quick rinse will remove surface dirt, a trained power washing technician will use the best detergent and correct water pressure to remove the tough dirt, grease, black streaks and bug residue. Regular cleanings will keep the awnings from deteriorating, and will restore them to their best possible appearance. With proper cleaning and maintenance, your awnings will last for many years, adding to the value and overall style of your home, while improving your quality of life.

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Patio, Pergola, Verandah – How Are They Different?

You invite some friends over for tea. It’s a glorious day outside, but you don’t have an outdoor area to sit in so you gather together indoors. “I’ve got to install a patio!” you say as you look longingly outside. “Oh, I think a pergola would be better,” one friend says. “Maybe,” says another, “but I think a verandah solution would suit you better.” You smile, nod and quickly change the subject. “Patio, pergola, verandah solution – what’s the difference?” you ask yourself. Here’s what you need to know.

What is a Patio?

The word “patio” is a Spanish word that originally referred to a roofless inner courtyard. Over time, the word was adopted to English and used to describe an gathering area at the back of the house just outside the back door. A patio is usually paved and may or may not have a roof or even walls. In some countries like Australia, a patio is often considered as much of a necessity as a bedroom or kitchen and some patios today even include fully equipped kitchens and dining areas. Most homeowners in the said country would use the modernistic materials from Stratco which in NZ is supplied by Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports.

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What is a Pergola?

“Pergola” is an Italian word that originally meant an outdoor structure designed to support climbing plants. Roof beams and rafters gave the plants something to cling to and over time, the pergola became a naturally shaded outdoor area. Pergolas were originally largely ornamental and freestanding, but could also be attached to the house. Like the patio, the meaning of the word was adopted in English speaking countries and its meaning expanded to include a variety of structures.

Today’s pergolas often have metal, thatch, polycarbonate or other types of roofs and can be either attached to the home or detached. Such can be acquired from suppliers and installers like Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports. Detached pergolas can be square, rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal or even circular.

If a pergola is attached to the house and has a roof, what’s the difference between a pergola and a patio? It’s a good question. The difference usually lies in aesthetics and purpose. A patio has come to be seen as an extension of the home. A pergola, on the other hand, is most often designed to be an integral part of the garden.

What is a Verandah Solution?

The word “verandah” comes from India via the Middle East and literally means “a place that leads outdoors.” Unlike a patio, which is usually spacious enough for a table and chairs, a verandah solution is a long, narrow structure. Verandah solution came into vogue early in the history and form an important element of our style of home. One of the nest setup can be fixed by Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports. They have never gone out of vogue, either. Thousands of contemporary homes have front verandah solutions for relaxing with a cuppa and patios in the backyard for privacy and entertaining.

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Patio, Pergola or Verandah Solutions — What’s it Going to Be?

Your friends have gone home and after reading this article, you now know the difference between a patio, a pergola and a verandah solution. Which one is it going to be? Patios and pergolas can make ideal places to entertain, whilst verandahs are usually designed for comfortable seating in a single row. We tend to build patios or attached pergolas because of the convenience of having them just outside the house, but a detached pergola can be a wonderful area to relax or entertain in a quiet area away from the house.

Whichever among the three will suit you best, the Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports can provide them for you.


Why Hire Professional Installers For Your Pergola Solution

Are you looking for a way to enhance the quality of your outdoor living experience? Do you want to make a change to your deck or patio to give it more visual appeal? Do you need a place where you can store those extra potted plants you have? Well, there is one easy solution to achieve all three – turn into a pergola solution which a professional company like the Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports can install for you!

A pergola solution provides you with a simple structure that can transform your backyard and turn it into an outdoor living space that you love. To some people, a pergola solution may look like uncompleted structures as they are typically built with roof beams and vertical beams without a solid roof or walls. But they come with benefits and can help change the entire look of your outdoor space. There are many reasons why you should get a pergola solution from a professional like Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports for your home.

Why Use Professional Services For Your Pergola Solution

Outdoor projects can range from landscaping to lighting, but depending on your specific outdoor renovation, some projects may be suitable to DIY, while others may require the expertise of a professional. When considering DIY vs hiring a professional for your pergola solution, it is best to honestly ask yourself how qualified and motivated you are to complete the job, as well as the money and time you’re willing to expend. Hiring a professional like Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports for certain jobs like a pergola solution could help you keep your project on track, while other more simple projects can be fun and rewarding to do yourself. Know when it’s best to hire a professional to take care of the work for you.

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A pergola solution project is more challenging than others and require the knowledge, skills, tools, and resources of a professional like the Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports. Their expert workers will have working knowledge about paperwork and permits required to do a project legally. Work that isn’t up to code actually hurts the resale value of your property. Professionals also have the ability to purchase materials at a discount and already own most required tools. As for Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports , it has Stratco as its main source of its products.

Challenging projects that may require a professional

Adding a pergola, gazebo, carport or verandah can significantly transform your outdoor space, while requiring a basic level of construction knowledge. The tools, materials, and construction plans are easy to obtain by personal research and planning. With the right amount of allotted time and motivation you will save money building it yourself.

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When to DIY

There are many DIY projects that have the ability to transform your outdoor space to give it the look and feel you want, while keeping to your budget. A major incentive to DIY is saving money, and depending on the project, you can end up saving 50% on costs by completing the work on your own. DIY projects can be fun, rewarding, and make a big impact on the overall look of your space. However, the quality of your work might not be as efficient that you might need to do the project over again in the future, hence causing you to spend double.

Steps on How to Choose the Right Patio

Covered patio solutions in New Zealand have been around as long as settlers have been building homes in this sunburnt country. They provide shade from the relentless sun during summer, and are just as effective at keeping things dry.

What began as just a bit of an ‘overhang’ progressively grew, inching wider and wider into an elaborate covering that could be built in all shapes and sizes. Today, covered patio solutions functions are as varied as your imagination, from a simple traditional perimeter covering, to a complex outdoor entertainment space.

Barely a home in the country is built without some form of verandah or patio. Not only do they add enormous functionality to the exterior space surrounding a home, they also influence aesthetics, either contrasting dramatically with the structure of the home, or blending perfectly with the existing architecture. Either way, the results are both stunning and beautiful.

So you’re thinking about a verandah or a covered patio solution, the best way to achieve such is to use the professional services of Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports.

But between a verandah and a patio solution from Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports, how do you know what’s going to look right for your home, and what do you really want it to do?

Almost every homeowner is faced with these two questions, which can make the simple idea of installing a verandah or patio suddenly seem quite complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. Here’s four important tips that will make your choices much easier.

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The area – spotting the limitations

The size and shape of the area where you want to install your verandah or patio solution is an important starting point, as the new structure may be limited by factors such as property boundaries, fixed structures including retaining walls and trees, and the slope and terrain of the area. If you are not sure then you can seek help or advice from outdoor living experts like Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports.

How the space is used

How do you want to use the space will have a big influence on the overall design and roof shape. Creating a shaded garden area will be very different from creating an outdoor entertainment space or kitchen. You may even want a modular design that accommodates multiple functions all in the one structure. You can check with installers and suppliers like the Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports for different designs of verandahs or patio solutions.

How you want the structure to look

Style and design are very personal choices, and there are a wide range of options available in style and colour. At this stage, it is also important to factor in the practicality of the design. Sometimes a small compromise in design can add significantly to the functionality of a patio solution.

Roof profile

The roof profile you choose is one the most important choices you will make. While different roof profiles may not look dramatically different to the casual observer, the way they are engineered will have a dramatic influence over the environment you create under the roof. This gives Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports the advantage as they get their materials from Stratco which is one of Australia’s best patio roofing manufacturer.

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Tips on How to Get the Best Awning Solution

Whether it is in suburban or in rural areas, the patio is one of the most cherishable places of the house. It is where the kids play and the barbecue is cooking. Many people spend a lot on patio furniture and equipment to make it more charming and inviting because it is an area for social gathering when the weather is nice and sunny. People love the fact patios are attractive feature of the home, adding space and square footage to it. So to keep them longlasting, you can use a patio awning solution to protect your furniture from the heat of the sun or the pour of the rain and you can install one through Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports.

A patio awning solution helps make your patio more comfortable and accommodating in all kinds of weather. Before you choose the awning from a reputable supplier and installer like Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports that will be protecting your backyard fun, be sure that you go through all of the important points of an awning purchase.

Stick To Your Budget

It would be nice to have that very expensive and durable awning put on your home, but the reality is that it is just not in your budget. Before you finalize your awning purchase, you need to create a budget and stick with it. The first thing that creates buyer’s remorse is spending more than you had planned to spend. You can also refer to an outdoor space specialist like the Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports so they can suggest which patio awning solution will best suit your space and your budget.

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Remember Your Color Scheme

Many people think that an awning can be whatever color it wants and it will look just fine. The truth is that your awning needs to match your home’s color scheme or else it will look out of place. Take pictures of your home with you when you decide which awning to install so that you are sure to purchase an awning with the right colors. As for Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports’ patio awning solution, they provide a modern look that would blend with any home color with their Stratco products.

Measure First, Purchase Second

It is always best to allow a professional patio awning solution installer like Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports to measure the area where you will have your awning installed to be sure that you get the correct measurements. It can be extremely difficult to force an awning that is too big onto your home, especially if that awning is an expensive model.

Look Out For The Trees

Awnings and trees do not have a great history together. If you have trees that will be hanging over an area where an awning will be installed, then be sure to have those trees trimmed every year. The best approach is to either install your awning where there are no trees or have the trees removed. If those two options do not exist, then be sure to watch out for the trees when installing your awning.

Choosing the right awning is an important part of the buying process. No matter what kind of patio awning you need, you must always ask professionals to be sure of the quality of the patio awning solution that you will be installed in your home.

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Carports Versus Garages: Which is Best To Use These Days

Let’s be honest, if there’s one thing other than our homes that we tend to be more proud of, it’s our method of transportation. If you’re looking for a way to further take care of your vehicle, look no further than a carport solution from Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports. A simple solution that acts an effective alternative to a garage, carports are a simple yet welcome addition when your home isn’t blessed with much surrounding space.

Building a Carport through the helo of experts like Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports may make more sense than building a Garage.  Here is why.

No one really wants to leave their car outside exposed to the elements. When a car is parked in a garage or under a carport it is protected from rain, snow, dust, hail, sun, and other weather that might damage it. Either option also makes a car less visible, deterring potential thieves. However, what are some reasons you should build a carport instead of a garage?

One of the most obvious advantages carport solutions have over garages is the price. For even a simple, one-car garage, it is easy to spend thousands of dollars; while it is very possible to get a carport solution for only a few hundred.

Because building a garage is a larger project, you will have to find a contractor you can hire to complete the project. You don’t always know what you could be getting yourself into when you have a stranger come in and work on your house. Many garages connect directly to high-traffic areas of the house, so you will have construction workers actually in your home for a least part of the building process. Even if you decide to build an attached carport or hire professionals like Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports, it is very unlikely that anyone building it will need to enter your home. In fact, while a garage can take weeks for contractors to build, most carport solutions can be assembled by you and a friend or a professional in just a day or two. With carport solutions from experts like Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports, you could then save from the cost that you should be spending on weeks of construction over garage.

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In addition, because a garage is a much larger project and needs a foundation poured, it is much more likely that governing bodies in your area will require you to get the project permitted, though you should always get any major home improvement project approved beforehand and make sure you don’t need to fill out any extra paperwork. Following these, we can then say that carport solutions do have their many advantages over garages.

How Are Awnings Different From Canopies and When To Use Them

While people often use the terms interchangeably, canopies and awning solutions are actually quite different. Before explaining the difference between the two, ask yourself these questions:

Do you enjoy socializing with your guests outside or inside?

Do you have a patio attached to your home?

If not, are you looking for a way to create a seating area outside?

Is storage space limited?

Are you looking for a portable source of shade?

Does too much sunlight come in through your windows?

Has this sunlight also increased your energy bills?

If you answered yes to these, then you definitely need one bet an awning solution or a canopy. But how do you know which of these two is best to use?

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The 3 Differences

Where they are used

The most important difference between awning solutions and canopies is the way that people use them. Usually, awnings are either mounted above an outside window or patio while canopies are freestanding. The former can be easily acquire from and installed by outdoor living solution companies like the Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports.

Awning Solutions

Window awnings prevent harsh light and shadows from entering a home, keeping temperatures low and protecting furniture from sun damage.

Retractable awning solutions, on the other hand, are often used on patios to keep you and your guests cool and comfortable in the outside heat. Both retractable awnings and window awnings can add style to your home by complimenting its architectural design and coloring. If you are looking for an awning with higher quality and longer lasting, you can use the awning solutions from Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports.


Canopies are often freestanding, used to provide shade over a seating area separated from the building or home. If you live in Arizona, you may be wondering why you rarely see canopies. There are two explanations: First, most Arizona homes are built with patios and pools which not only eliminate the need for a canopy, but also take up a lot of the available space in the average backyard. Secondly, the soaring temperatures in Arizona rarely inspire families to “hang out” outside.

Disassembly and storage

Awning solutions by Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports are meant to be installed as a permanent structure on your home for shade year-round. Canopies, on the other hand, often have to be disassembled when not in use. A plus side for the more outdoorsy type is that many canopies are portable for taking to events or parks.

Interior influence

The last main difference between awnings and canopies is the way they influence your home’s temperature—something Arizonan’s are frequently concerned with. Because awnings provide shade around your windows, the amount of the heat resulting from that sunlight is greatly reduced. They also decrease the amount of sun damage on your furniture, flooring, and artwork; while canopies only provide shade to those sitting under them.

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Canopies can be great for trips to the beach and provide comfortable seating in your backyard if you don’t have a patio. But in other areas, awning solutions from Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports are clearly the better choice for year-round energy savings and comfort.