Adding an outdoor space to your home is not only functional, aesthetically pleasing and a great place to entertain, but it’s also a space to relax and decompress. No need to go on a run to get a sense of release or go to the mall to di-stress. Just hop right outside to decompress and refresh from all your worries. These are the comforts that outdoor living can bring into our lives.

I am Mark Henry and we will look into some ways on how you can improve your outdoor living through spaces carefully fixed or attached to your home. No more worrying about the exasperating DIY projects since professional installers like the Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports can help you do the job in no time.

We use nature as a model when creating our outdoor spaces. Nature is filled with intriguing stimuli and natural forces which help humans distress. By utilizing daylight in a functional outdoor living space we create that comfort you get from nature. Not only is it for comfort or hosting, but there is also a plethora of health benefits from having an outdoor living space.

Just as the name suggests, an outdoor living space can be as simple or as extensive a design as you desire. Nonetheless, it will be a place to enjoy your life outdoors. Some outdoor living spaces can even bring indoor amenities such as kitchens, fireplaces, and showers outdoors. You can always choose from verandahs, patios with pergolas, gazebos or even an all-purpose carport. All of these spaces can be provided for you by suppliers and installers like the Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports.

Who doesn’t want to increase the value of their home? Akin to a kitchen or bathroom renovation, a landscape renovation will increase the value of your home. It’s not just a myth that curb appeal helps you sell your home– it’s a fact. Aspects such as screening from neighbors and or busy roads, landscape lighting, plantings, walkways, and functional outdoor spaces can all make your home more attractive to prospective buyers. These features all have their own place and use that we will discuss in a later.

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you host gatherings. Be it a child’s birthday party, a simple barbecue, or an elaborate national holiday party, these events will provide you prime opportunities to take advantage of your investment.

“Stay-cation” is a term often associated with saving money and/or compromise.  Well, creating your dreamscape can do away with the stigma of the stay-cation and you can do such through a themed patio. Make your verandah or patio look like a Greece outdoor space with the help of Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports who can install well-designed structures. Creating outdoor living environments that rival a summer resort with pools, hot tubs, entertaining areas, etc. will make it easy to opt to stay home and enjoy the fruits of your labor rather than plan a pricey trip.

Although family is always first, we saved the best for last on this list. Creating an environment where the family can spend time together is priceless. Daily outdoor dining, telling stories by the fire, swimming in pool, the list goes on and on! Bringing your family together and creating memories that will last lifetime is a sure thing when you design and build your perfect outdoor living space with the help of Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports.