Ways to Make Your Outdoor Living Safer

An outdoor space is the perfect place to entertain friends and family, or to sit and have a cup of coffee before you start your day. But if the sun is too hot, or if your neighbors seem close enough to lean over the porch rail and swipe a burger off the grill, your outdoor living Auckland will be in danger. If you want to improve your outdoor living Auckland then while making it safer, you can use the high quality outdoor curtains or outdoor blinds system from Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports or patio shades that might just do the trick.

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Choosing the Right Treatment

Outdoor blinds, patio shades and outdoor curtains from Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports all provide privacy and sun protection to improve your outdoor living Auckland. Although all may serve the same purpose, they have different looks and, in some cases (as with solar shades) different levels of efficiency.

Patio Shades and Sails

Patio shades are one of the most commonly used tool to protect your outdoor living Auckland and home from sun damage and provide continuous shade. Depending on the thickness and weave of their fabric, they can filter or even completely block sunlight.

Patio shades can be mounted over the patio like an awning or hung like a patio sail, which is piece of fabric that is suspended above the patio like a canopy. The breathable fabric allows wind and water to pass through it.

A patio awning from leading suppliers and installers like the Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports can be retractable, allowing it to use it when need it and enjoy the open air when it’s not. A patio sail is fixed unless it is removed, making it a good option for areas where children play and need consistent shade.

Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor curtains create an elegant, flowing look to your spaces making your outdoor living Auckland more pleasant. Because they move in the breeze, letting sunlight into the space, they create a dappled effect, but don’t provide as much continuous shade as the other types. When hung over a veranda or pergola entry, they can take on the appearance of an elegant, old-world portiere.

The easiest way to install an outdoor curtain is with a tension rod placed inside the supports of a screened porch or pergola wall. Curtain rods made for outdoor use can also be installed on a wall, ceiling or inside mount.

Choose fabric that is fade- and mildew-resistant, and manufactured for outdoor use. Take the curtains down in the winter to launder them (follow instructions on the tag) and then hang them again in the spring.

If you are not sure though on how to properly install the system, then you can ask installers like Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports to hang them on your patio or verandah.

Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds, like outdoor curtains, can be installed over the openings of a porch or pergola. They can be raised and lowered as needed to create shade and, depending on the type of fabric, can also block UV rays.

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Bamboo roller blinds are inexpensive and hold up well to changing temperatures. Blinds made of outdoor fabric are typically heavier, blocking more sunlight. Both should be removed and cleaned for winter, then hung again at the start of the outdoor season.

Creating privacy outdoors doesn’t mean you need to build walls between you and your neighbors. Make your porch, deck or patio feel like its own private oasis with outdoor curtains from Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports that can enhance your outdoor living Auckland.


Why Choose Metal Awnings Over Conventional Fabric Materials

Awnings are decorative and functional and add style and color to your deck and patio while providing shade and making outdoor entertaining more enjoyable. There are many awning styles available, so here are some tips on choosing the right awning for your home:


Metal awnings can be a great investment for your home or business and the best quality can be acquired from Stratco and be installed for you by Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports. This durable equipment is marketed in a variety of shapes and sizes to easily affix over any opening. An attractive awning can provide an aesthetic appeal, as well as security benefits for your establishment.

Insulated layers of metal come together with beams and braces to remain stationary over your windows or doors. Certain awnings are crafted with slots for a skylight or ceiling fan. With high-quality materials from Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports and simple upkeep, your metal awning can give you peace of mind for years to come.

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The insulated layers of metal are perfect for absorbing the natural heat from sunlight so your utility bill remains low. Metal awnings have been known to reduce heat by up to 20%! You’ll love turning off your air conditioner and enjoying the shade provided by your awning during the hot summer months.


Unlike fabric awnings, awnings from Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports can be resistant to wear from daily use and harsh weather. The sturdy materials are weather proof and won’t warp with the wind. Some awnings have been reported to last over 40 years!


Metal awnings from Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports can be simply hosed off after collecting dirt. A convenient solution of soap and water can remove even the toughest of debris. Pesky bugs can be quickly removed by hand or with a team of professional exterminators to ensure your safety.


Metal awnings can protect your home or business from the effects of a deadly storm. By shielding your windows and openings, the resistant awning can secure your exterior from broken glass or any cosmetic destruction.


Metal awnings from Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports essentially create an outdoor room or form a new walkway on your property. Guests and customers alike will be attracted to the beauty and comfort of a new awning. Business owners have been known to increase revenue by simply adding an awning to their storefront.


Metal awnings are more than just a statement piece for your residence. This equipment is easy to install and contains many benefits for protection and security. Whether you’re a home or business owner, an awning can greatly enhance your life.

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