Reasons to Put Up Your Own Backyard Gazebo

One of the best perks of owning a home is having your own backyard.  There’s nothing quite like having a separate outdoor space to help make some of your favorite hobbies possible.  After all, who doesn’t enjoy having their own pool, garden, or barbeque and picnic area right outside their own home?  You likely want your backyard to look great as well.  Fortunately, there are various ways to make this happen.  Flower gardens represent a practical yet fun way to add color to your backyard.  A smooth gravel or stone walkway lends a more sophisticated look.  Still, there’s one thing that really stands out in adding both practicality and style to your yard – a gazebo.

The best benefit of a gazebo from the best material like Stratco’s and best installation service like that by Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports is that it gets you “out there” – in the outdoors – on your own property.

Let’s say you have a nice view to your backyard. You may gaze at it from inside, but rarely go out and enjoy it. Why not? It’s likely because there’s nothing that draws you – no comfortable place that beckons.

There’s something about a sheltered space that is inviting. Is it the shade of the gazebo’s roof, the comfortable benches, or the architectural beauty of the design? For whatever reason, when we see a gazebo, we want to go in it.

They’re great throughout the year.

There are gazebos that feature 100% cover factor for the ultimate protection from both sun and rain but there are also those that look like pergolas and are more on decorative structures. When properly covered, a gazebo guards its owners against UV throughout the harsh NZ summer, and is more than capable of keeping you sheltered from wind and rain throughout the winter months. There’s nothing better than a bit of time spent in the backyard, so why not maximise how frequently you can make the most of yours? Protecting yourself, your family and your friends against the elements is elementary when you’ve got the generous cover of a gazebo which can be set up for you by Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports.

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They can provide a great social boost.

When you’ve got the comfort of fantastic cover all year ’round, you can afford to entertain friends and family more often. Why rely on Mother Nature to provide a suitable occasion for your next outdoor soiree? Gazebos by Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports create a fantastic space for social activity, whatever the weather.

They look fantastic.

Modern architectural design ensures that the Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports gazebo stylishly complements the look of any home or outdoor area. Whether you’re using it by the pool for a relaxed resort-feel; to provide cover in the driveway as a car shade; or to provide some protection for the kids while they play in the backyard – you can be sure that your gazebo will function reliably, while looking fantastic.

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The Importance of Covering Your Patios


Patios are basically outdoor spaces adjoining a residence that can be used for dining or recreation purposes. They are usually covered which makes them usable throughout the year even on fall and winter.

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Good quality patio covers which you can get from Stratco and installed for you by Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports will not only protect the patio area but also add value to the home. They improve the overall look of the house and one can also design them as extensions to the house. There are a variety of materials that can be used for making patio covers like wood, vinyl and aluminium being the most common ones.

To get a quality patio cover that will make your space last for a lifetime, find a supplier and installer like the longtime running business, Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports. Year round, homeowners can benefit from these indispensable tools. Patio coverings and enclosures can help beat the heat in the summertime and maintain snow-free areas during winter weather. No matter what kind of home you have, Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports patio covers can help add value to your residence. Unsure why a patio cover or enclosure is right for you?

Quality patio covers by Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports are very common as they are very durable and provide protection from adverse weather conditions such as bright sunlight, heavy snowfall and strong rains. They come in a variety of colors and patterns hence making it easy for people to match it with the exterior of their house. There are a number of benefits of using patio covers made from aluminum. Firstly, they require very less maintenance compared to other weaker materials used for covering. They will protect the home season after season without requiring any replacement. Also, they are very easy to clean and one can simply clean them by using a wet cloth. One does not need to call professional cleaners or use any chemical treatments to prevent the growth of mould and mildew. Another benefit of using quality patio covers which can be set up for you by Auckland Pergolas Patios Carports is that they can easily be customized, in terms of their size. People can simply tell the company from where they are purchasing the patio cover about the dimensions that they require.

Patio covers are available in a variety of styles and colors. Some have solid roof made from one piece of metal and are also referred as standing seam roof. There are covers which are specifically designed to be used in shade and they use either 1.5×1.5″ or 2×2″ tubes placed parallel to each other on rafters to provide shade. Hence, you can get the right type that you need for your home.

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